Linda Villa

I prayed night and day for any blessing all the time. I never knew God was going to put Mr. Kim in my path. It had been a whole year before I even had my car in the shop. I was at work one day and it had been going horrible. One of the worst days I had ever experienced in my life. After work I stopped at a shop to get my inspection sticker but it did not pass. With another disappointment I went home to start the next list of every day duties including my children and husband. I explained to my husband that our car tail lights were not working, service light was on,and  turn signals didn't work. We both began to realize we didn't have any idea how we were going to afford those cost. After paying rent, bills and groceries we only had $8 left in our account. The next day I went to work and my last check-in patient was Mr. Kim. I remember taking his vitals and having a short conversation about our lives. He then went in to see the doctor and when he came out he stopped by the front desk and told me even though we didn't know each other much he wanted to try and help me. I asked him in confusion what he wanted to help with because at no point did I mention I was struggling. Not knowing anything about what happened the day before he said please bring your car to my shop I want to give you an oil change and maybe help with other maintenance service, it's not much but I would like to help. The only thing I could do was cry. I cried and said thank you. He fixed my car saved me from a ticket and allowed me to keep my job. Bless Mr. Kim and everyone who walks along side of him. God has sent an angel not only for my family but for many others.