The Care Zone

A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

The Care Zone aids the lives of single-parents, immigrants, low-income, and dedicated students in the Houston community. Our mission is simple: help individuals gain personal independence and economic self-sufficiency to become able participants and productive members of American society.



Founded in Houston, TX

Our focus is to offer transportation assistance as well as home appliances to those struggling. The Care Zone walks alongside these individuals in their time of need in order to help build a better life with and for them and to most importantly help regain hope for a better future.


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A Little Bit Of Everything Along The Way



Community PARTNER


Da Boyz Automotive has been servicing vehicles in the Houston community since 1991. The company donates up to 50% of labor for each paid service completed at their facility to our organization. Funds buy equipment, tools, supplies and other overhead to keep the doors open for us to continue our mission. This partnership is essential to our operation because it allows us to use funds from other donors towards the families and individuals that need it most. Please visit Da Boyz Automotive website for more detailed information. 

There’s more to our business than getting paid to fix cars. We’re donating cars, basic home needs, clothes, educating and serving hot meals to those who need it most. Company growth is just as important as community growth. All of our clients are direct supporters of our mission and goals. Without our clients, we would not be where we are today. 


What can I donate?

Cars can be in any condition. We ask that furniture and appliances be in a lightly used condition, but we will accept any donation and we will utilize it the best way we can.

Do you accept cars that have a non-working engine?

Yes! We accept cars that are lightly and heavily used, totaled, and broken.

Do I bring my car to you or will someone come and pick them up?

Once you get in contact with us, we will call you to arrange a time and date to pick-up or send a licensed and bonded tow truck free of charge.

Is there any fee to donate a car or item?

No. There is no charge.

When will I receive my tax deductible?

You will receive your tax deductible after we receive and properly evaluate your vehicle.

Even If my vehicle cannot be used as a donation will I receive my tax deductible?

YES! You are entitled to deduct the sales price of your vehicle and, even if it's for less than $500, the fair market value of the vehicle. You benefit from being able to reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized (see tax information for more details). You do not need to fill out a 1098-c form. We provide you with a deductible receipt that you attach to your tax return documents. 

I'm ready to donate a vehicle. Now what do I do?

Contact us by filling out this form.

What locations do you service?

We currently service the Houston area so that we can make an major impact on our fellow Houstonians.


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