Founder's Story



 Chung "Chad" Kim


Mr. Kim, Founder of The Care Zone and well known community development advocate in the Houston area, developed a passion for helping struggling community members from his own background growing up less fortunate.  Through his struggles he was able to find blessings that allowed him to found the organization in 2009, which has now served over 200 families and individuals in the Houston area.

Mr. Kim’s journey began in 1980 when his family settled in Houston, Texas. After enduring 7 tragic years of the Killing Fields’ Genocide during Pol Pot's dictatorship, Mr. Kim and his family were finally able to escape Cambodia during its war between the government and the communist Khmer Rouge (KR). With the help of a sponsor, USCC, and Red Cross once he landed on American soil he was immediately welcomed with food, clothes, his first pair of tennis shoes, shelter and open hearts.

The whole experience would change him forever. He became engrained with a spirit to freely give. Mr. Kim has never forgotten the overwhelming feeling he had when total strangers reached out to him and his family in their time of need. He is so grateful for the experience that he vowed to serve others with the same motives. Many years of hard work followed as Mr. Kim continued his pursuit to make changes in the city around him. He now owns and operates his own automotive shop which serves as Headquarters to The Care Zone. Blessed with great opportunities and resources he and his team have started a legacy.