Billy Dinh


Billy was born and raised in Houston. He has always been motivated to study hard and get good grades. His goals are to be successful in his career so that he can provide for his parents as they have always provided for him. When his parents found out he was accepted and on his way to college they knew he was going to need a reliable vehicle to get him to and from work and school. They immediately went to a dealership and purchased what the salesman said was in perfect condition. Not long after, the car showed to be the exact opposite. With no help from the dealership Billy was faced with tuition fees, car repair cost and no transportation to school. Sometimes missing more then half of class or even all of class and not being able to work his shifts for work. When we met Billy his spirits seemed hopeless as if he had all his opportunity taken right from his hands. It was horrible to see someone so motivated just give up, so we asked him to bring the car in and The CARE Zone preformed a full tune-up, and brake job. The car was back up and running problem free! He has completed another semester of school and is one step closer to receiving his degree!