L.R. Griffin Jenkins

Mrs. Jenkins

One day in 2011, my husband almost died of renal failure. He was hospitalized and was ordered by his doctor to undergo dialysis treatments three times per week. The tragedy of my husband’s illness claimed his ability to work a full time job as he had always done, and since his salary was the lion’s share of our income, much of what we could maintain, including our automobiles, had to be set aside for the essentials including health care, medication, and life’s necessities. My car was long overdue for general servicing, and there were knocking sounds emitting form the engine that befuddled even the shifty-looking used car salesman from which I bought my car. Mr. Kim, even without knowing our trials and tribulations, offered to take a look at the car to at least figure out the problem. Not only did Mr. Kim figure out the problem of the knocking— it happened to be tire rods--but he also performed a full service on the automobile which undoubtedly improved the life of the vehicle, a full service that included replacing all the motor mounts, bushings, and a 100k full tune up service which, all totaled, would have cost me way over $1500. Mr. Kim refused to accept compensation for his labor; as a matter of fact, he even refused to converse about it. He surely lived up to the creed of his organization, for he “gave big and loved big.” Little did he know at that time the financial hardships, which tackled and blitzed us and left us some days depleted. Little did he know that his actions did more than merely repair and restore a vehicle. Little did he know that his generosity reminded us God’s blessings are issued by the hands of his people, people who love from a sincere heart and put love to action with excellence and energy.