Alanise Lockett

I spoke then met with Chung Kim and in no time my daughter had a 2002 Toyota Corolla in awesome condition. I know that God sent, Chung Kim my way so that Alanise could get a good reliable vehicle. My reason for trying to find her a car in the first place is that Alanise is an Animal Science Major and  her classes are not in College Station they are in a small town called Snook, Texas and unfortunately she could not ride her bicycle on the freeway to get there and the bus didn't go that far, so for her freshman year she had to get a ride with someone in the class, I don't like my child depending on anyone to get her to her classes so I knew I had to get her a vehicle before she returned to A&M for her sophomore year. Before purchasing this vehicle I had looked at several vehicles and unfortunately being a woman I was almost taken advantage of several times. I am so thankful for this vehicle and I know God had a hand in us getting it thanks to The CARE Zone. Thank you for being a true blessing to Alanise she will be able to get to her classes without worry now.