Our Process

Here's how our car donations work:


Here's our process in more detail:

Whether it is cars, appliances, or furniture, we examine and care for every donation! The Care Zone always ensures that all donations are in full working order.


Once we receive a vehicle as a donation we put it through a full diagnostics exam. We strip the entire vehicle down to its core and take a deep look at what needs to be done. Afterwards, all tests and repairs are made accordingly. With our eyes focused on the details, we are only halfway finished. The reason we put our donated vehicles through such a strict process is simple – we under no circumstance want to hand over a vehicle that has any problems.

After all repairs are completed, the vehicle is fully detailed and perfectly paired with an applicant. Finally, at the time of delivery we hand over the title and keys to the deserving candidate. As an added gift we provide one full month of paid insurance and a $100 gas card. 






When we receive an appliance of any size we ask that it be lightly used. Nevertheless, we accept all donations and reassure you that even if your appliance has more wear and tear than usual we aim to utilize it in the best way we can. Anyone wanting to make furniture donations please contact us about our process. We would love to personally explain the process to you.

Quality and assurance of security in the finished product weighs heavily on every decision we make. The heart of The Care Zone is not about recognition, but instead about doing everything we can to impact lives and bring light to every recipient we have the pleasure of meeting.