We would like to give a special thanks to all of our friends who believe in us! During dark moments where hope may seem dim, your support will continue to ignite the light we need to achieve our goals to help more people. 

Randy and Haley Broom

Made it possible for us to help a 2 families receive a vehicle donation and helped out with the purchase of parts for both vehicles! 

Willie and Tanya Small

Helped us spread the word about The CARE Zone with beautiful shirts!

Carlos from Ugly Guppy

Also helped raise awareness with shirts from his business!

Ahmad from Auto City

Gave us parts we desperately needed during a vehicle restoration!

Zach Ridner

Made a very generous donation that allowed us to buy supplies we need for our restoration process! 

Pluckers Wing Bar

Gave us 20% of all food sales on Saturday, August 2, 2014! 

Kelly Reed

Allowed us to use his photo of our beautiful city! 

Jose Montesinos

Created our logo and designed the website!

Aline Murillo

Provided photography for the website!

Jaime & Amanda Kilpatrick

Gave us a donation to restore a van for a single mother of 3!

Journey Church & Members

All made it possible to complete our last donation for the month of August!


Always helps us with any material or supplies when we need anthing from Home Depot. 



To become a sponsor you don't have to  donate with monetary funds. Whether, you want to donate services, materials or supplies we are open to all ideas. Fill out our contact form and one of our team members will reach back out!